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kiala is primarily a tattoo artist, specializing in handpoked tattoos. they are available for booking and tattoo designs. please email to set up an appointment. they are based out of sinixt territory, in winlaw, BC. 

Stay tuned for more additions. This is just the beginning <3 


kiala löytömäki breathes life into the ever-expanding depths of storytelling. the unfolding stories reach through veils between the world(s) to bring forth messages of healing, pain, grief & beauty in darkness. as a writer and a multimedia artist they pull from the void of creativity that stretches through layers of time. their creations are an everlasting moment where past, present and future collide, where the cycles of birth, life, death are constantly turning. these are the reflections of a tender heart as they heal through trauma, survive through mental health challenges & grasp for life-giving connection. this is how kiala remembers—sewing together the pieces of lost magic, lost ancestry, lost connection in an attempt to revive that which was burned, was silenced, was buried, was stolen. this is praise for the ancestors and praise for all who continue to live, doing the hard work of surviving in a culture that wishes to destroy us. 

kiala uses the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry and music to relate to this infinitely unfurling existence.